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3.3v Smartmedia Card Reader

The sanwa usb2, 0 card reader is a high-quality and effortless to handle card reader that lets you easily read and store digital media. The card reader is built into the front cover of your device, making it basic to operate and getting your media to your device presents been uncomplicated with this card reader.

Best 33v Smartmedia Card Reader

This sanwa card reader is compatible with usb 2, 0 and 3. 3 volts, it is manufactured with a magnesium alloy body and plastic lens. The reader gives a fast read rate of 100 pages per minute and can consume less than 10 watts when connected to a computer, it is moreover sleepy peru's favorite reader and provides been the job new and innovative ways to interact with its users. This is a sanwa usb2, 0 card reader. It is limited in read speed at 5 but it can be reached at 3, 3 v with a standard microsd card. It renders a few years left in its life, but its price is worth it in the end, it is a good reader because it supports 3. It is additionally ok for micro sd cards, it is not as good as it sounds. It supports 3, 3 volts and cards. It is in like manner available in black and green colors.