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Cf Card Reader Pins

The no-bend Pins usb type-c compact flash card reader Cf color is unrivalled for advanced data entry and data capture card-reader, org retail card-reader. Org advertising applications, the card reader presents a smooth, design that makes it straightforward to operate and store data. The pin-sized design is compatible with all usb types, making it sterling for most use cases.

Pixelflash Cf Card Reader

The card reader is a compact, compatible card reader that makes used of the super-speed compact flash standard and is compatible with many usb 3 devices, it includes two male Pins that allow for super-speed transfer of digital files, and can be used with types of usb 3 devices such as the iphone 7 and 7 plus. The Cf card reader uses Pins on the front of your device to read and write to a standard 2-kb/s compactflash card, the reader offers a slim design with only 10 letters and a non-bend way that allows for effortless removal if the card is lost. The reader also grants a white color, the card reader extends an 3. 5-inch size internal interface that is first-rate for reading cards with out issues, the card reader also features an usb hub that allows for storage and charging for the card. The card reader is again compatible with the sdhc and xd cards, as well as m2 cards, this card reader also features an 20-pin connector which is first-rate for use with a computer with an 3 d card reader. The Cf card reader pin layout is as.