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Equinox Card Reader

The Equinox card reader is a built-in micro-lens that helps you to write code to interact with your credit card, this card reader is compatible with the Equinox platform and is able to accept credit cards with card-reader. Org networking, 3 g or 4 g phone lines, or a card-reader, org hub. The card reader is moreover compatible with the Equinox platform and can card-reader, org payments with an input and a bank account number. The card reader can also accept transactions through a web browser or through a mobile app.

(Lot of 2) Equinox L5300 Credit Card Payment Terminals w/Pen & Card Reader AS/IS

(Lot of 2) Equinox L5300

By Equinox


Top 10 Equinox Card Reader

The Equinox card reader is a powerful, all-in-one card reader that is splendid for use in restaurants, transportation, or any other place where cash or cards are required, with the Equinox card reader, you can easily view and process payments with your favorite software. The card reader is additionally water and durable, making it outstanding for enthusiasts who use it for extended periods of time, the card reader is auxiliary card reader that are used for carrying out primary uses such as card reversals and cards. It is a propriety card reader found in most credit card terminals and often used when the primary card reader is not available, the card reader is manufactured from high-quality plastic and renders a single white section at the top that is the card reader's name and the card's type. The Equinox card reader is first-class for use your card as a payment terminal, it comes with a pen and card reader, making it effortless to use. The pen also provides a no-tooltip protection feature, making it basic to handle without having to remember the card's password, the Equinox reader also imparts an 8 th gen asis processor, giving you high-speed access to your credit and debit cards. Reports performance with a self-checking account and is backed by our benefits agreement with plus, it comes with a pacer card management system that helps keep track of spending and bill payments, the card reader also includes a built-in 2 memory, making it basic to pay with your card and keep track of your transactions.