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Miura M010 Card Reader

The Miura card reader is a sterling card reader to buy, it is fast, effortless to use, and comes with a free swipe bluetooth card reader app. The card reader can handle most types of cards, including but not limited to, the ones we all know and appreciate - the cash, and touch card cards, the also supports english, french, german, and italian languages.

Miura M010 Card Reader Ebay

The Miura card reader is a high speed card reader that supports bluetooth and up to 4 cards at once, it presents a black anodized aluminum design and a gold color. The card reader is equipped with two readers and is compatible with the Miura 9 lot card series, this card reader is produced with two Miura systems chip and it is a bluetooth card reader. It support 2 year warranty, the card reader also imparts a swiping feature to get to the contents of the card. The card reader is straightforward to adopt and it comes with an 1 year warranty, this card reader is bluetooth enabled and allows for reading of cards with compatible bluetooth devices. The reader offers a low-cost surrogate for small businesses or home businesses which can use it to read low-cost cards, the reader also offers a fast speed of up to 500 pages per minute. The Miura m010-prod16-v2-6 bluetooth card reader is a top-notch surrogate to save on your shopping trips, this reader renders a beautiful brick red and black design with an 6.