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Otg/usb Multi-function Card Reader/writer

The is a multi-function card reader that Writer is for Otg cards and the reader can also 4-in-1 card which is a phone, a table, a laptop, to many other devices, the reader renders a fast speed of 100 pages per minute and can handle even large data sets. The Writer is compatible with the Otg standard and can read Otg images, the is facile to handle and it comes with a battery that makes it basic to operate it while away from home.

OTG/ USB Multi Function Card Reader/ Writer For Pc And Smart Phones
Player Multi Function Tabs SD Card Micro USB OTG /USB 2.0 PC tablet Android

Player Multi Function Tabs SD

By Multi-Function


/writer Sdxc Micro Usb Card Reader Au

Multi-function OTG /USB SD/TF Card

By Unbranded / Generic


New Multi-function OTG /USB SD/TF Card Reader/Writer SDXC Micro USB Card Reader

New Multi-function OTG /USB SD/TF

By Unbranded / Generic


Writer Sdxc Micro Card Reader Lot (2)

Otg Usb Multi-function Card Reader Writer

The Otg Usb multi-function card reader Writer is an all in one card reader that can read pc cards and devices up to it writes data to all types of devices easily, making it a best-in-class surrogate for busy commuters or those who need to access their device's data without dealers having to type everything in every time, this Otg Usb multi-function cardreader is an exceptional addition to your Usb device collection. This card reader can read a variety of Otg standards such as Usb 1, and 1. The card reader also supports and is basic to handle with a series of user-friendly menus, the Otg Usb multi-function cardreader and Writer is an exceptional tool for xcite your computer or dor to connect to your phone. It lets you transfer files quickly and easily, the multi-function card reader is top-notch foruse on your computer or mobile phone to transfer files to from your device. This card reader also allows you to operate your device as a drive for files and to access your files from your computer.