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Pay Pal Card Reader

The new card reader ats your iphone or android smart phone with just a few uncomplicated clicks, you can start shopping and making payments today with Pay Pal card reader.

Paypal Bluetooth Credit Card Reader

The bluetooth credit card reader is an accessory that helps you to scan credit cards and other acceptable materials with your phone, it is especially helpful when you are using your phone in public areas, such as at the airport, the doctor's office, or at a museum. The reader also helps you to Pay for your products and services with your account, this card reader is brand new in the original box. It comes with an account, swipe reader works on pc and is compatible with macs. This is a free card reader that comes with an account, it can be used to slide read cards and process payments with. The card reader is fast, secure, and straightforward to use, is a mobile phone card reader that allows you to operate to Pay with this app is moreover available in english and spanish.