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Pny Smartmedia Usb Card Reader

The Usb card reader is an enticing card reader that windows and mac compatible, it gives a light that shows you the type of card being read and a green icon on the card reader to show you it's done. The card reader is further compatible with the digital multimedia products.

Pny Smartmedia Usb Card Reader Amazon

The technologies Usb card reader is an excellent alternative for taking data and videos out of your computer, it's straightforward to operate and can read most Usb cards. It's a top way for users who itch to adopt their computer's data and media left over from other activities, the technologies Usb flash card reader is a splendid substitute for lovers that need to read or store files on Usb flash cards. It offers fast and secure read of flash cards, the reader also supports both the technologies and ibm microdrive flash carts. This one Usb card reader is a top-of-the-line surrogate to keep your media in one place! With this reader, you can easily read and write to files on any device with an Usb connection, the one card reader is likewise compactflash compatible, meaning you can take care of larger files with this reader. The technologies Usb flash cardreader is a top-rated alternative for shoppers wanting for a card reader that can handle Usb 2, 0 data transfer rates. This top-of-the-line reader also supports Usb 1, 1 data transfer rates, making it sensational for use with devices that need to be connected to the computer quickly. The card reader is compatible with all technologies Usb 2, 0 devices, and it can also handle compactflash cards. This reader is good for pictures, and videos, additionally, the technologies Usb flash cardreader is in like manner compatible with the ibm compactflash devices.