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Ps3 Memory Card Reader

Looking for a new Ps3 model to add to your family? Check out our Ps3 Memory card reader parts! Our parts are ai quiet and high quality, making you model last longer, why wait? Order now.

Ps3 Memory Card Reader Amazon

This Ps3 Memory card reader is an 3, 0 a1 and frankenstein's ist for recovery. It is a sony playstation 3 Ps3 fat genuine, without sony playstation 3 Ps3 fat genuine. It is an 3, it's a genuine sony playstation 3 Ps3 Memory card reader. It's also an oe-installed card reader, this reader can uncomplicated help you to add a Memory card to your ps3. The sony playstation 3 Ps3 fat cmc-001 Memory card reader cech-e01 cech-b01 cech-a01 is a practical Memory card reader for your sony playstation 3 ps3, this reader can easily and quickly read and write to your ps3's Memory cards. With the cech-a01 reader, you can read and write to your ps3's Memory cards with ease, this is a splendid Memory card reader for the playstation it comes with a cable which makes it facile to use. This reader can handle any Memory cards with a b-type Memory interface, it extends an 60 gb capacity and an 80 gb capacity. The b-type Memory interface makes it uncomplicated to higher-capacity cards, the reader provides a cool design and is produced of durable materials.