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Usb 2.0 Card Reader

This Usb 2, 0 memory card reader is excellent for use your memory cards with your computer. It effortless to handle and is valuable for use cards with speed of 26-in-1 - jogs with their Usb 2, 0 drives. With this card reader, you can easily and quickly access your memory cards with your computer, the mini 26-in-1 (federal) card reader is terrific for use with computers, tablets, and phones.

15 In 1 Card Reader

The memory card reader mini is a high-speed, 26-in-1 card reader that lets you easily access your memory cards and Usb files, with this card reader, you can easily and quickly access your memory cards and Usb files in your computer or device. The card reader is also (common filename extension) compliant and allows use with cf (compliant with the Usb 3, 0 standard) and sd (complicated with the Usb 2. 0 standard) cards, the 15-in-1 memory card reader is a top-of-the-line forkers of cards. It is top-rated for taking care of cards that have been ripped in two or three parts, the 26-in-1 Usb 2. 0 speed makes it top-of-the-line for cf cards and ms sd cards, the small, easy-to-use design makes it an unequaled forager of cards too. This micro Usb otg to Usb 2, 0 adapter will allow you to take and share files with your cyborgs by connecting to the micro Usb port on your computer. The card reader also gives a data rate of 100 and a memory capacity of 16 mb, the memory cardreader is dandy for use your memory card in a small, easy-to-use package. It's a mini card reader that sits on top of your memory card, making it straightforward to use, the mini card reader also includes an 26-in-1 us standard memory card temperature range, low voltage support, and operating time of only 30000 minutes.